Under Prague's Starry Skies
registration has been closed; the registration form below remains as a historical record
general instructions for registration:

The deadline for early registration is July 9th 2017. To receive full consideration for an oral presentation, you have to submit your registration by that date, including a title and an abstract for your presentation. Later applications for an oral presentation may be considered in exceptional cases. However, applying for a poster contribution will remain possible also after the deadline for early registration has passed.

Your registration will be completed by the payment of the conference fee of FEE_EUR €. Due to room limitations, the registration will be closed once the number of confirmed participants reaches a value of 170.

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The standard conference fee is FEE_EUR € which covers expenses for the conference venue, all coffee breaks, welcome reception, conference dinner and concert. An additional fee of FEE_ACCOMP_EUR € needs to be charged for each accompanying person attending some of the social events (welcome party, conference dinner, concert). You will be instructed via e-mail about the payment details. Your registration will be confirmed after the reception of the payment. Please note that we cannot refund payments made.

If you wish to apply for reduction of the conference fee, check the appropriate box below and provide us briefly with a substantiation. The level of conference fee reduction will be based on the decision of the LOC and SOC. Please note that if you request a reduction of your conference fee then we will do all we can to meet this goal, but we will only be able to confirm your participation after early registration has passed and once we have assured sufficient funding. Please be aware that as we can accomodate only a limited number of participants at the conference. It is therefore possible (even though not very likely), that this maximum number is already reached through the regular registration process before we can decide on your request.

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I apply for reduction of the conference fee: this option is not available after the early registration deadline
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specific needs and comments:

Please let us know if you have some specific needs (e.g. diet; consider this also for accompanying persons). You are welcome to contact the LOC anytime later, we will do our best to make your stay comfortable. Please make a note here if you wish to attend the "Discussion on perspectives of NBODY6/7 with Sverre Aarseth" on Wednesday afternoon.

message to the LOC: