Under Prague's Starry Skies

Traveling in Prague - general notes

The most convenient way of getting around Prague is the public transportation system which consists of three main parts: subway (metro), trams and buses. Unless something unexpected happens, the subway is the fastest part of this system as it is buried deep under ground, not being affected by anything that might happen on the surface (e.g., traffic jams). When one is more interested in seeing something of Prague while travelling through it, the trams or buses are (especially in the city centre) a better choice. More information about the Prague public transportation system can be found on the official website.

In general, it is not necessary to study time tables for the subway, trams or buses since the intervals between subsequent connections are short (during the week from 3 to 10 minutes). One can simply come to a station or a stop and wait for something to arrive. Note, however, that the public transportation system changes to night time operation from midnight to 5 am, which means that the subway does not operate during that time, and trams and buses go less frequent, and on different lines with different numbers than during the day. In order to find particular connections, the connection finder can be used.

Tickets for Prague public transportation can be purchased in various shops (e.g. newspaper stalls) as well as in ticket machines located at or nearby most stops or stations (including those at the airport). The basic ticket costs 32 CZK (little more than 1 €) and it enables travelling for 90 minutes by any bus, tram or subway line. Immediately after entering a subway station (or getting on a bus or tram), it is necessary to validate the ticket in a validator (a small yellow box that can be easily located) otherwise the ticket is invalid and its holder subjected to a fine of 1500 CZK (more than 50 €; tickets must not be validated twice otherwise they are invalid). After the validation, the 90 minutes long countdown starts. Within this period of time, the means of transportation can be changed as many times as needed.

The most frequent and cheapest connections from the Prague Vaclav Havel airport to the city are part of the standard Prague public transportation system. Thus, the basic ticket for 32 CZK, which can also be bought at the airport, is valid there. The directions to get to the city centre using this option depend on whether you arrive during the day or the night. If you go to the city centre during day-time operation (i.e. between 5 am and midnight), take bus line No. 119 (direction "Nadrazi Veleslavin") which has a stop close to the exits from both main terminals. It will take you to Nadrazi Veleslavin, which is the terminal station of bus line No. 119. From there, you can take the subway line A (the green line) to the city centre (direction "Depo Hostivar"). If you just missed the last subway train from Nadrazi Veleslavin to the city centre due to transition to night time operation, take tram line No. 91 (direction "Radostravicka", not "Divoka Sarka"), which takes you to the city centre, too. If you exit the airport after midnight (i.e. during night time operation of the public transport system), take bus line No. 910, which brings you directly to the city centre. A slightly more expensive option is the airport express line (AE), which terminates in the city centre at "Hlavni nadrazi" (Main railway station). This bus line is operated between 5.30 am and 10.30 pm, the tickets for that bus are sold by the driver and cost 60 CZK per trip, and you will need an additional regular ticket if you have to continue your trip on the regular public transport system. There is of course also the possibility to take a taxi from the airport. However, taking a taxi is way more expensive than the previous options, and given the good quality of the public transport system, we would not recommend it.

Conference venue

The conference will take place in the main building of Charles University. There are several entrances to this complex of historical buildings; the most suitable one is the main entrance with address Ovocny trh 3, Old Town, Prague (see marker A on the map). It is located opposite to Stavovske Divadlo (Estates Theatre), which is a large representative building painted in green and white. You will be directed by the conference posters to the lecture theatre from the main entrance. If you eventually get lost in the complex of buildings, follow the fixed navigation to "Modra poslucharna" which will direct you to the lecture theatre.

The conference venue is located approximately five minutes from subway stations "Mustek" (line A – the green line) and "Namesti Republiky" (line B – the yellow line).

The conference dinner will be served in Caffé Adria (Národní 40/36, Prague 1; marker B) which is approximately five minutes on foot from the conference venue.

The conference concert will take place in the representative hall of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics in the building of the former monastery (Malostranske namesti 2/25; marker C). It is less than one hour of relaxed (sightseeing) walk from the conference venue; also the guided tour will end there. The fastest public means of transportation from the conference venue is the tram line No. 15 (direction "Kotlarka") from Namesti republiky.